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released January 22, 2016



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Decent Criminal Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, CA


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Track Name: Vacant
When you always stay, try to sound sincere that you want it. See it once my way, through clouded eyes. When giving all your days away, don't look so sad. It's ok to wait for me to come back. Know it's not a lie, would you forgive if I felt unwanted? You're the only friend out here to the shell I left, and when you ask if my loves run out, it's not like that. I'm not gone, just got lost in vacant sighs for vacant days. Look inside, gone astray. I've already died, you're my angel, flying away. Drained all my energy, burning both my feet into the ground. I'm in need of a clean start but what is that asking for? Buried knee deep caught in an ambivalent mind. Sucking for air where there once was a breath I found valuable, or have I found where I belong, down here.
Track Name: Death
Say you're in the way, though stay the same. Know it's obvious, don't trust the saints.The habits feet are mine, I can leave anytime. Say it's just for fun to play with guns. Know you're in the dark but can't run from sharks.The habits feet are mine, I can leave anytime. Sure the trip was fine, but that ego lies - most's inside are so afraid to die.You can have my teeth, my tongue, my gums. Take away my speech, my heart, my lungs. Did you want me all on my own, to go along with all I've ever known. Forced change against the mold. Pushed choice to find the drive to run, to find you, for all you wanted this to be. To find you, when all you wanted was to see who you are, be what you are, but at your darkest point, saw all you never wanted this to be.You can have my world, 'cause it only hurt anyway. It's strange to fear a world absent of needing. (most's inside, are so afraid to die)
Track Name: Abandon
It's been a long time, since I said you're right. It's been a long time, since I warmed your eye. It's been a long time since I gave into you. It's been a long time, since you came to me, to heal a dulled flower, with your remedy. I'm your lonely child that wanted you to play, more than you know. Gave all the things that mattered a new perspective. I took my time to learn how you console your nerves. Times new knowledge took just a little while, to show that it was my heart, hanging on the ocean floor, all alone. Found a home in the friends of mine, the ones that get me high, they don't see me and that's just fine. Is it wrong that I feel right when I close my eyes? Every feed sedates the need for just a little while, it took just a little while to find a little place to hide. Where we got O so wild, o we got oh so wild, oh man we got oh so wild, we made it off the ocean floor. Now I can get to you, now I can see through you, now I give in to you.
Track Name: Sore
I look at you the wrong way, I do try but do it in the wrong way, I'm back and why are you surprised. I won't be here too long I swear. Returning to your house, it's not the first time, I've looked at you the wrong way, times swelled your eyes and now look at me the wrong way. I don't wanna be another head sore, but your eyes still look at me the wrong way. I don't wanna, I don't wanna be.
Track Name: Faults
It's starts, its always on time. Be warned I'm often unkind, and everything we talk about lacks the point to communicate, spit a long exchange of ugly words while my selfish attempt to stay the same guy, upholds a lie. It starts though it can't be right, and everything we talk about seems to slap back in my face, was an ugly scene of happiness anything but a scene of grey love? And I don't need to understand, that fact is I'm gone before you begin, keep falling off my feet, just to wake up. It's soon that I'll repeat my faults. Keep falling off my feet again. Don't repeat I comprehend, but it won't change what's imminent. And everything we talk about seems to slap back in my face, so soon we've ended up in the worst kind of place. The faults that I repeat so well are the faults you've come to know so well, the faults that I repeat so well collide with time and take over me. Time takes over me. I've led blind, I deserve mine, answers still lie.
Track Name: Strange
I know you're strange, well I'm strange too. I know you're there just like I am. I know you're lost and I know you wanna be out there, I know you care more than you share. I know you 'cause I know myself and I am never what I wanted to be. I know you're weird and I know I'm so fucking weird, I know you're cool , cause you see that I'm a fool. I see you coming a mile away, and I duck down to stay, in my place, in my place, out here falling constantly, willingly, every minute alone is so strange. I know you man.
Track Name: Ghost
Rather stare at wall, rather grow to be asocial, than see a person, or be a person at all. He stood in line at the store, then walked, walked out of the world. Wasn't seen by a person, wasn't a person at all. Didn't see a person, wasn't a...Rather not talk to anyone, than see a person at all. Rather be eyes inside the wall, watching but never seen at all, so I'll know how it's seen in your way, a fixed ego that's built to decay in the sad search of an individual. I feel obliged to waste my time, in social circles that confine that cares and interests of us all. Rather age and dull on my own. Won't be a person, or see a person at all.
Track Name: Binge
I like to gamble, but I can't afford to lose. Tempting me like pretty women, is my beloved escape. Can I wander down, where I know I'll be ok? And I wanna go where I'll always feel the same. This binge is wearing in but I can't reply, I know its wrong but guess I'm that kinda guy. I don't reside in me at all.
Track Name: Sunburn
I venture through the park where we used to meet, and you knew me, I'd be so fucked up there. With no one to see, I'd take a seat knowing all were on their way. I dream of the right time, it's back where the sun shined, "old me" would sigh, now I wonder what disappointed me. I still see all my friends there, their just like me, they see beauty back in all our time spent with nothing to do. I'd wait if I knew I'd be always sunburned, always sunburned, man. You raised two little boys, that love a world so gone, that only have each other, we didn't want to see the world for what it is, we were just kids and you meant everything to us. You're words would sink and dig in deep, my innocent crippled beliefs were taken back when I first heard the piercing words that formed my world. I still reflect, I can't protect, some memories still soak my eyes. I don't know what it is, I'm still empty half the time. I don't know what it is, but the effect of all it did still trips me out. In some ways I stayed there at the park bench, waiting all night, waiting to tie sense with dulled eyes now knowing what disappointed me.
Track Name: Numb
Come on come on just trust the one who will fuck it up, I thought about a place above and could paint a picture of, where our excuse won't be using til we're numb, it takes a wild one to run. Come on you know I don't mind, I'm so good at wasting time. I've got my own way I could never sell you. Come on there's so much I show in the light where the dark can't hide. Come on I know the pace is slow but I'm catching up, the leech fell off the skin had died now I've got bags for eyes, I know I know you say the sun is on your side, but only wild ones confide. If time holds a place for us, I'll be yours when the city is dust. Pleading to the one I wanna see, to pull until the earth devours me. Back home is a place where we both can meet, we bond through our past and we try to keep the most of what's left of our gasping raw love. Out there is a place where our hearts do meet, I see it each night when I fall asleep, I dream all the time that you're mine tomorrow. Say bye to the people you know, though byes hurt more than hellos, I know I gotta get out. You know me well but I think I should leave, you know me more than most people will see. Sometimes I feel so alive other times I could die.